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Transformative Tactics for Hotel Marketing

December 2023

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Watch our exclusive webinar with Kiley Watkins, Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy for Island Hospitality Management, as we pull the curtains back on their growth in digital and how they've maintained momentum throughout the year.

We'll unpack:

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The benefits of AI in the hotel industry: learn how we're using state-of-the-art AI technology to produce engaging, on-brand ads for your hotel

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How to meld location-based behavior with streaming TV for targeted ad viewership

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Gain an algorithmic focus on guest experience to maximize your customer service


Featured Speakers

Join these panelists from HotelGeofencing.com and Island Hospitality Management for a discussion on the latest in location-based digital marketing technology for your hotel marketing.

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Nicole Levin

VP of Sales, HotelGeofencing.com
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Kiley Watkins

Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy, Island Hospitality Management