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Unlock Hyper-Local Hotel Advertising with Geofencing

Amplify your hotel advertising reach for your nightly and extended stay hotels, with geofencing. We equip hotels with the most advanced, location-based advertising on the market.

"I have been working with HotelGeofencing.com for over two years and they have been an instrumental partner for planning and deploying display campaigns to support my portfolio of hotels. The team is very quick to respond and activate new campaigns with updated targeting and creative messaging. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to drive additional exposure for your hotels."
radhika rai
  1. Radhika Rai

Regional Director, Digital Marketing, Fairmont Hotel & Resorts

Target a Hyper-Local Audience & Broaden Your Hotel’s Exposure

Did you know you can find guests outside of the crowded OTA (Online Travel Agency) ad-scape through geofencing? Equip your hotel advertisement with a location-based strategy that relies on mobile GPS technology to reach top-of-the-funnel hotel guests. We help hotel companies like yours leverage search retargeting to expand the exposure of their hotels to their target audience on sites beyond Expedia, Hotels.com and other highly-competitive OTA sites. Showcase animated banner ads on frequently used mobile apps AND get your local hotel on the big screen! With streaming TV advertisements, you can display 15- to 30-second unskippable video commercials on platforms like Sling TV and Hulu.


Customer Intelligence

Discover where your hotel guests live, work and play. We help define your target demographic profiles as well as their most frequented points of interest with a data-driven market analysis.


Precise Targeting

Highlight your hotel property with targeted ads that follow prospective guests to their home and workplace. Showcase your banner and video ads to all their devices, including smart TVs. 


Expert Optimization

We optimize geofencing campaigns with recurring monthly reports from our data team. We implement actionable insights to ensure that your campaigns respond to changing hotel guest behavior.

Hotel Advertisement for Forward-Thinking Hotel Marketers

Activate highly strategic geofencing purpose-built for hotels. Uncover where your guests live, work and play. We specialize in servicing extended stay hotel properties searching for a hyper-local audience and nightly hotels targeting guests who are actively searching to book a hotel nationwide. Our five-star concierge service is reinforced with search retargeting to broaden hotel advertising for a truly multi-channel approach outside of OTA’s.

Trackable and transparent, our methodology lets marketers, operations and hotel owners quickly gauge the ROI of their geofencing campaign efforts. Leverage GPS mobile technology to your favor and serve action-oriented banner ads and unskippable commercials on Hulu, Sling TV and other streaming TV apps.

Find out Where Your Hotel Guests

Live, Work and Play

Check out our unique approach that highlights our pillar accommodations that sets us apart from other geofencing companies:


Customer Intelligence

Distill a hyper-local audience with pinpoint precision for extended stay guests and target guests nationwide who are actively searching to book a hotel. With years worth of mobile location data, we help target the right audiences for result-driven hotel advertisements.


  • Discover competitors based on places people have previously stayed
  • Determine top employers and commuter trends
  • Identify popular points of interest in the neighborhood
  • Analyze demographic profiles from competitors' customers

Precise Targeting

Showcase your high-end amenities to a target audience staying at a competitor hotel or working at a nearby employer. We even help identify feeder apartment communities for extended stay guests. With addressable geofencing, you can even target individual homes in neighborhoods based on:


  • Estimated household income
  • Average household age
  • Interests, behaviors and more!

Expert Optimization

Track campaign performance with 24/7 access to a custom dashboard. Receive ongoing actionable insights from a team of data experts to identify winning campaign strategies and see key performance drivers with advanced attribution.


Reporting Includes:

  • Monthly analysis and recommendations
  • Performance data down to the geofence
  • Real-time dashboard with views by individual location, region or roll up

Ready to see how location-based marketing can help your hotel get ahead of competitors? In just 30 minutes, you can gain FREE geofencing expertise.