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How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofence marketing is a location-based marketing strategy that displays relevant ads to visitors who walk into a geofence or an invisible digital "fence" drawn over real-world locations. Location-based marketing like geofencing has become more central to reaching an always-connected audience with the vast majority of customers owning smartphones. Geofence marketing works especially well for hotel marketing, as geofences can be drawn around competitor hotel properties, nearby employers and neighborhood hotspots like bars, gyms and restaurants. We can even geofence events such as tradeshows and conventions!

But the advantages of geofencing don’t stop there. When a mobile phone connects to a home network, we can then push relevant ads showcasing the amenities of your hotel property to all other connected devices of prospective guests, including tablets and desktop computers. The best part? Geofencing campaigns are fully trackable, giving hotel clients a clear measure of the ROI on their geofencing campaigns.


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How We Optimize Geofencing for Hotel Marketing


Precise Targeting

Unlike traditional geofencing companies that draw geofences as a radius around a point of interest, our geofences are accurate within feet. And with addressable geofencing, hotel properties can further push ads with pinpoint accuracy to households, reflecting ideal customer profile traits.


Expert Optimization

We set it and perfect it! Leverage the expertise of our data team with monthly actionable insight analysis. We help optimize your hotel marketing campaigns to determine which locations are generating unique walk-ins, then adjust each campaign accordingly. Your geofencing campaigns will remain sensitive to changing travel trends.

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Audience For Extended Stay Guests

Geofencing marketing is particularly effective for extended stay hotels. Extended stay hotel guests can quickly move into competitor locations as guests are highly mobile with a tendency to travel light, have some geographic flexibility and are impartial to hotel brands especially amidst better amenity accommodations. Imagine politely stealing business guests who need short-term housing (or apartment-seekers looking for a more cost-effective residence) from a nearby hotel property, by setting up a geofence around their location.

We can help extended stay hotel marketers identify feeder apartment communities. Book a discovery call to learn how!

Search Retargeting for Hotels

Did you know that OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) sell search intent data, and that we can help your hotel property leverage this data inexpensively? Paid search for local Google Ad keywords can quickly get expensive due to highly-competitive OTA-sponsored bids. Even within OTA sites, getting your local hotel highlighted may not be cost-effective for a local hotel marketing budget. However, we can help you access prospective hotel guests with information stemming from local search queries inputted on these OTA sites.

Enter search retargeting. Search retargeting opens an alternate advertising avenue, one that is less saturated by competitors seeking to drive local audiences to their website. How does it work? When an online visitor inputs a search query for “extended stay hotel in Phoenix” on an OTA site for example, their desktop computers will receive a cookie and the data will get sold to aggregators, such as ourselves. And now, we can retarget individuals with that search intent on connected TVs, via unskippable commercials or animated banner ads on their mobile apps and desktop computers.


We Make Geofencing Easy as 1-2-3

1. Set up Custom Target Zones

Geofence the locations your hotel guests frequent the most using custom "target zones." From coffee shops to grocery stores, parking lots to train stations, major employers to local businesses, the geofencing possibilities are (almost) endless.


2. Target Prospects Across Their Connected Devices

Once a hotel prospect walks into a target zone with their GPS-equipped smartphone, their anonymous mobile ID is captured. Contacts are now eligible to receive eye-catching, action-oriented banner ads on their mobile phone. However, as they return home and connect their mobile device to their home network, they open a portal to all their other connected devices. Now, your property can continue creating demand by showcasing animated banner ads and unskippable 15-30 second commercials on streaming TV apps like Hulu and Sling TV. See prices here.

3. Measure Conversions

The best part? Your geofencing campaigns are fully trackable. With multiple awareness points available for your prospects to learn about your property, there are two conversion metrics we can measure: website visits and walk-ins. To measure walk-ins, we set up a geofence around your property, also called a “conversion zone,” to identify mobile IDs that came from your target zones. With advanced attribution, our clients are never left to wonder about the efficacy of their campaigns.

"We decided to test and saw an immediate surge in over-all foot traffic."
  1. Gray Lane

Director of Digital Marketing, JMG Realty, Inc.

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